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Club Flyers Build Buzz for Your Event

Club flyers make promoting club and organized events a breeze. Perfect for bars, nightclubs, band gigs, and other events, club flyers can definitely build hype for your event. They’re an affordable way to grab the attention of a wide audience.

Use an exciting design to reveal the relevant event details on your club flyers. Add high-quality illustrations and photographs to feature performances and drink specials and get people excited. Your event flyer can even double as a ticket or a coupon that recipients can redeem. Hand them out in areas with high foot traffic.

Variety of Sizes to Print Epic Club Flyers

We offer a wide range of sizes for club flyers. Some of the most popular sizes are:

  • 2” x 3.5” is the smallest size and can be used as a promotional ticket to get into party places or nightclubs for special events.
  • 5.5” x 8.5” is a half sheet and the most economical size. It’s easy to hand out to people walking around restaurant and bar districts.
  • 8.5” x 11” is the standard size for event flyers. Distribute these in heavy foot traffic areas or post them on event boards at coffee shops or sandwich shops.
  • 11” x 17” is the largest flyer format. Print it as a poster to advertise club events. You can also fold it in half to create a program for your club event, like listing the schedule for cover bands playing that night.

Add Pizzazz to Club Flyers With Custom Stock & Coatings

Customize your club flyers with paper stock and coating to fit your needs.

Paper Stock:

  • 70 lb. is similar to stationary paper.
  • 80 lb. feels like magazine paper.
  • 100 lb. has a thickness similar to an art or coffee table book.


  • 10 pt. is lightweight and durable.
  • 14 pt. Is thick, yet foldable. It feels like a standard business card.
  • 16 pt. is even thicker and more durable.
  • 17 pt. is ultra thick with a premium feel.

For an added splash of personality, apply our water-based matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV coating. You can also leave the surface uncoated.

  • Gloss gives your club flyer the right shine, creating a balance between the short copy and main image.
  • Matte is the prime choice for luxury brands or designs that prefer a satin-like appearance. It’s easy on the eyes and guides readers through lengthier text.
  • High gloss UV is extra shiny and makes every color pop from far away.
  • Uncoated gives a high-end finish if you prefer a more subdued look for your brand.
Want to make your club flyers really stand out? Try die-cut or metallic flyer printing.

Club Flyers Bundled in Vibrant Color

You can print club flyers in full color either double-sided or one-sided to suit your needs.

For double-sided printing, the option to print the back side in black or grayscale is available.

NextDayFlyers offers bundling for quantities of 25 and up. We wrap your club flyers in a thin, transparent layer of plastic to keep your club flyers neatly stacked and help prevent damage.

If you have a tight deadline or have fallen behind on promoting your gig, don’t worry. Same-day printing is available for your order.


How to Draw Crowds With a Club Flyer

Write a catchy headline. Get people’s attention right from the start with a smart heading using three to five words.

Make event details easy to read. Be sure to include the date and time in large font sizes. If there’s any other pertinent information, like requirements to attend, be sure it stands out.

Use the right colors. Use neutral colors such as white, black, and gray for a minimalist, professional design. Complement these hues with bold shades such as teal or mint green. Brands with a fun and bright aesthetic can apply yellow hues and other bold tones like pink or orange.

Keep things clean and simple. Avoid crowding the design with too much information and multiple images. Apply the three-element rule of only including a photo, header, and a colored object to maintain the reader’s focus.

Choose an appropriate size. Use the standard 8.5” x 11” so it’s easy to handout and customers can easily read all the printed information. The smaller 4” x 6” or 5”x 7” sizes are easy to keep for them to refer to in the future.

  • Same-day printing
  • Matte, gloss & UV coatings or uncoated
  • For nightclubs, band gigs & events