round corners business card

round corners business card

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Custom Rounded Corner Business Card Printing

It’s often the little things that make all the difference! Try a rounded business card and see how this subtle addition captures the interest of your clients and contacts. Rounded corner business cards are the favorite of designers, marketers, and other creative professionals. They use creative business cards to get themselves noticed and to convey an image of class and style.

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  • Same-day printing option
  • Round 2 or all 4 corners
  • Slim, square, or standard sizes


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Why Try Rounded Business Card Printing

The little things that make all the difference. Try rounded business card printing and see how this subtle addition captures the interest of your clients and contacts. Best of all, the rounded corners also prevent premature creasing and bent corners, keeping your cards looking great for longer. You can choose which corners to round off -- round off: all corners, top left, and bottom right, or top right and bottom left.  

The Different Styles of Rounded Business Cards

Rounded corner business card printing represents the evolution of a business card from a simple rectangular piece of card with your name and address on it, to being a highly sophisticated and impressive piece of print design. The simple addition of rounded corners can turn an ordinary card into something distinguished. Rounded cards not only elevate you from the pack, but they also position you as a modern and forward-thinker who likes to be original.


Here are just some of the companies and professionals who often use rounded corner business cards for networking: 

  • Real estate agents
  • Web designers
  • Designers
  • Creative professionals
  • Eco-friendly companies
  • Healthcare companies
  • Spas and resorts
  • Salons
  • Photographers
  • Restaurants


All-Rounded-Corner Business Cards

The most popular choice is to round all the corners of your cards. A smooth-cornered business card says a lot about yourself and the industry you represent. It’s the perfect business card choice for detail-conscious entrepreneurs and style-conscious professionals.


Alternate Rounded Corner Business Cards

“Leaf-shaped business cards” is an alternate term given to business cards with alternate corners rounded, as the shape is reminiscent of a leaf.

Plus, the organic leaf shape lends itself to modern and eco-friendly subject matter. You can also use the shape to highlight water or fire themes as well, which makes them a good choice for resorts as well as restaurants that feature grills a central theme.

If you need cards that highlight your creativity and attention to detail, try rounded business card printing today.

  • Same-day printing option
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Rounded corners add element of style